Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blast from the past: News from Five and Ten years ago

I will be publishing an article each months that picks a couple of articles from the archives of the newsletter. I hope to pick articles that put new announcements into perspective. For example, Sun will be announcing a new, big server next week, so here are two "big server" articles from 10 and 5 years ago:

10 years Ago, April 1998:
Sun Starfire Named "Product of the Year" by Network Magazine

The Sun Enterprise 10000 (also known as Starfire) server has been selected by Network Magazine as a "Product of the Year" in its April 1998 issue. The Starfire server, running the robust Sun Solaris operating environment, was chosen for its extraordinary value and significance to networking/IT executives and their enterprises. This is the fifth award bestowed upon the Starfire server by industry publications, recognizing the Starfire for its outstanding performance and mainframe-class capabilities.

"In selecting the "Product of the Year" recipients, we looked for products that are sure to make a significant impact on our readers' networks," said Alan Zeichick, editor-in-chief of Network Magazine. "There are many contenders in the enterprise-level server category, but when it comes to brute strength, the Starfire system is the only server that offers mainframe-class performance without the drastic changes that the mainframe demands in the way you manage the technology."

This is Sun's second consecutive "Product of the Year" award from Network Magazine. Last year, the Sun Enterprise 6000 server was recognized for its ability to provide a high-performance, easy to manage single system solution at a fraction of the cost of MPP (massively parallel processing) systems or other complex architectures.

5 Years Ago, April 2002
New Sun Fire 12K Server

The Sun Fire 12K Server is built with the Uniboard, the scalable Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and the UltraSPARC III Cu processors that provide binary compatibility across generations and products. The Sun Fire 12K Server is ideal for workloads that aren't big enough for the Sun Fire 15K Server but too big for the Sun Fire 6800 Server. The Sun Fire 12K Server allows you to focus on short-term needs without having to worry about satisfying demand down the road. It's fully upgradeable to a Sun Fire 15K server on the fly--without powering down the system--if and when you need it.

The Sun Fire 12K Server is a massively scalable system. The Solaris OE allows users to cherry-pick applications from an army of ISVs, making the server unequaled for technical computing and data-intensive applications. The Sun Fire 12K Server supports up to nine Dynamic System Domains and up to 52 CPUs with 900 MHz UltraSPARC III Cu processors and up to 288 GB of memory. Dynamic System Domains assure flexibility and re purposing.

The Sun Fireplane interconnect provides fast, dedicated paths between every vital system component, and the Sun Fire 12K Server is fully loaded with Automatic System Recovery and System Controller Failover. All ecache and data paths are ECC-protected. A common LED system on all major components indicates when a part needs servicing.

Fifth-generation Dynamic Reconfiguration means optimal availability, flexibility and security. It allows critical hardware system resources, such as CPU/memory or I/O boards to be removed from or added to the Solaris OE and applications without outage or stoppage. Combine that with the new Solaris 8 OE built-in multipathing and clustering solutions, such as Sun Cluster 3.0 Software, and non-disruptive maintenance, capacity upgrades and load balancing are the result.

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