Friday, September 28, 2007

66 GFLOPS of sustained double precision matrix multiply (DGEMM)

This week ClearSpeed Technology's accelerator boards were add to Sun's price list.

"Our partnership with ClearSpeed means that we can offer even better and more efficient performance to our customers", Dr. Simon See, director of HPC Solutions - Systems Practice at Sun commented. "HPC is a major growth area and many of our clients will benefit from the addition of application acceleration technology to their data centers. Sun's expertise in system design, configuration, and support will bring ClearSpeed's technology to them in a low risk, energy-efficient solution."

"We are delighted to have been selected by Sun as part of their HPC strategy. To work with a world class vendor such as Sun to deliver low risk, accelerated systems to our key customers has always been our desire", said Tom Beese, ClearSpeed chief executive officer. “This is a clear demonstration of the value of our technology to the HPC markets and an opportunity to offer our products to customers within the wrapper of a well-respected and trusted brand."

ClearSpeed Advance™ X620 and e620 Accelerator Boards

The Advance X620 is a standard height, two-thirds length PCI-X board designed for new and existing systems whose architecture incorporates the PCI-X standard.
Building on the success of the Advance X620 and delivering the same computational performance, the Advance e620 is a complementary and smaller form factor PCIe based accelerator. It brings all the benefits of ClearSpeed’s acceleration technology to the latest generation of multi-core industry standard servers that incorporate the PCIe standard.

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