Tuesday, September 18, 2007

OpenOffice 2.3 Now Available

I just started the download of the new version of OpenOffice 2.3.

The press release, OpenOffice.org Releases New Version of Free Software Alternative to Microsoft Office, says that "OpenOffice.org 2.3 incorporates an extensive array of new features and enhancements to all its core components, and protects users from newly discovered security vulnerabilities."

Some of the key changes are:
  • The Charting component has undergone a complete revamp
  • Writer is better able to handle multi-lingual documents better
  • New MediaWiki (Wikipedia) export filter
  • Mail merge has some additional usability features.
  • General productivity improvements have been made to Calc
  • Performance improvements have been made to presentation tool, Impress
  • A Report Builder is available as an extension to Base, OpenOffice.org's database application
  • Draw has been enhanced to provide improved exporting to HTML/web by adding support for exporting the images to portable network graphics (PNG) format
  • plus many more

118 Mb for the Windows version. Software - it gets bigger and better but mainly bigger.

There is a detailed "new features 2.3" wiki on openoffice.org

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