Monday, September 24, 2007

Servers, Power and the Modern Datacenter

In, Building a data center circa 2007, Dan Farber & Larry Dignan talk about Jon Vander Hill who has built two data centers since 2000 and is on his third. Common DC design theme emerge:
  • The revenge of Moore’s Law – you have to pay for the power consumption
  • Hosted data center billing – real estate vs. power metering – expect to be charged for power consumption - it's no longer bundles with the rack space
  • Cooling system are challenged. Look for innovations to deal with the different requirements of new, hotter systems
  • Rack density & blades - demand more power per rack and better cooling
  • Befriend your utility. novel business relationships with Data centers - who can be amongst the utilities largest consumers - are worth exploring
Sun had to consider all of these factors in the design of their new data center, described in an excellent muti-media tour.

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