Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sun and GNU/Linux

In a recent (August 2007) LinuxWorld presentation, Barton George observes that Sun is the top contributor to GNU/Linux.

Barton includes a link that was supposed to go to the Gartner paper (Vendor Ratings: Sun) April 2007, which says,
Gartner has elevated Sun's Linux rating to "promising." In the past Sun's marketing messages and development efforts have been strongly skewed towards Solaris. More recently, however, Sun has become a notable provider of Red Had Linux (a substantial number of Sun's Opteron server shipments are deployed with Linux), and its substantial contributions to Linux and open source have been recognized.
Baton lists some of Sun's key software offerings on GNU/Linux:
  • Java Enterprise System
  • StarOffice/StarSuite Office Suite
  • Sun Ray Server Software
  • Sun Secure Global Desktop Software
  • Developer Tools
  • All Java technology offerings (DLJ)
And the Sun hardware that supports GNU/Linux:
  • Sun X86 systems support for Linux
    • Workstations
    • Rackmount servers
    • Enterprise blade servers
    • ATCA system and blades
  • Sun Storage line supports Linux
  • Sun SPARC systems support Linux

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