Friday, September 21, 2007

Three Blog Entries by Dennis Clarke

Dennis has a few more blog entries of interest:
  • IBM/Lotus Domino on ZFS
    • "the ZFS filesystem that I used in my tests was compressed and the compressed ZFS was considerably faster than uncompressed ZFS."
  • Joomla on Solaris coming along nicely
    • "expect software packages from Blastwave as soon as we get it all together"
  • cool tool report : Sun Device Detection Tool 1.1
    • Sun Device Detection Tool can tell you in just a couple of minutes whether the Solaris OS supports the devices that are detected in your x86 system.
    • Sun Device Detection Tool produces a table that shows whether a Solaris driver is available for each device the tool detects. The table tells you whether the driver is built in to the Solaris OS or whether a third-party driver is available. Sun Device Detection Tool enables you to save the driver report in html forma
    • This java tools runs on many systems
      • Fedora Linux (x86) Core 5
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
      • SUSE Linux 10.0
      • Solaris 10 OS, x86
      • Solaris Express OS, x86
      • Ubuntu 6.10 x86
      • Windows XP Home Edition
      • Windows XP Professional Platform

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