Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What is the difference is between and StarOffice?

David Lee Todd writes in his blog entry, The ecosystem and the StarOffice distro:
Like the Linux community, the community encourages others to develop their own distributions -- “distros” -- of the software by picking and choosing from its modules, and by adding their own modules. StarOffice is such a distro, created by taking the core, and adding various commercially-oriented modules, such as an advanced spellchecker licensed from a third party.
I've used the software since it Sun bought Star Division in 1999. It has come a long way. I have
OpenOffice on all my machines - Windows, Mac, Solaris.

I'm a big fan of Google docs and I like that I can import and export to ods file formats. However, I see that an a one way process:
  • compose, revise, import to google docs, share
  • create in Google docs, collaberate, export to ods, import to OpenOffice or StarOffice, cleanup, publish

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