Thursday, September 13, 2007

xVM: Xen-based virtualization

Stephen Shankland reports that "Sun Microsystems, a longtime participant in the Xen open-source hypervisor project, has named its Solaris-based offshoot xVM, short for x86 Virtual Machine."

Marc Hamilton discussed that in a recent blog entry. "You can try out xVM today, via the OpenSolaris Xen community." In that same blog, Marc talks about dCache/SRM.

Patrick Fuhrmann1 for the dCache team, writes:
The core part of the dCache has proven to combine heterogeneous disk storage systems in the order of several hundred tera bytes and let its data repository appear under a single Filesystem tree. It takes care of data hot spots, failing hardware and makes sure, if congured, that at least a minimum number of copies of each dataset resides within the system to ensure full data availability in case of disk server maintainance or failure. Furthermore, dCache supports a large set of standard access protocols to the data repository and its namespace.
Marc Hamilton asserts, "Many dcache sites have already switched to Solaris so they can take advantage of the data integrity features of ZFS. When you are managing 15 petabytes of information, data integrity is important."

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