Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The OpenSolaris ZoneMgr project has the following goals:
  • Simplify zones creation
  • Simplify zones management
  • Incorporate Solaris features into zone creation/management such as resource controls, minimization, service lockdown,…
  • Incorporate external features such as network package repository based package installation.
It is not the project's goal replace the existing zonecfg/zoneadm commands but rather to supplement them.

OpenSolaris Project Page
56 slide Presentation (PDF) by Brad Diggs
Discuss Zones and the Zone Manager

Here's an example from Brad's presentation:

Add a zone and install multiple Blastwave packages:
zonemgr -a add -n m2 -z /zones -P pw -I "|hme0|24|m2" \
-C /etc/nsswitch.conf \
-C /etc/resolv.conf \
-G mysql5 -G apache2 -G dss
Have a stiff drink before reviewing example 10 in the presentation.

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