Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Million Page Views per Year by 200k+ Visitors

SNI has been using Google Analytics to track visits to Since the start of 2007, some 212,000 unique visitors have looked at just under 600,000 pages on the site. Just under 72,000 of those unique visitors came directly to the site (27%) while 1,900 other sites referred 5% of the unique visitors. Search engines like the rich, fresh content in the site, so it is no surprise that 68% of the visitors were referred to the site by search engines.

The browsers used to access the site (as a percentage): IE - 51%, FireFox - 38%, Mozilla - 5%, Safari - 3%, Opera - 1%

The traffic to the site has been increasing. During the last 4 weeks, 49,874 unique visitors looked at 110,429 pages. If that rate continues, SNI will easily exceed one million page views per year.

Each day, between 700 and 3,000 unique visitors come to As the news articles are posted on a weekly basis, we see a spike on Mondays as people read the newsletters that were delivered to them by email or RSS with Saturday being the weekly low spots.

SNI will continue to make improvement to the web site that will make it more valuable and attractive to visitors.

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