Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sun xVM Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 1.0

The Sun xVM Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 1.0 is now available for download. The product page and 4-page data sheet provide more details. Note that the s/w download and updated product page are using the "brand" of xVM, while the slightly older data sheet and the September 11th press release used the same name without xVM.

Sun xVM is composed of Sun Ray s/w and a limited use case of Sun Secure Global Desktop (SGD) Software (one full screen desktop per concurrent user is allowed). From a Sun Ray thin client or a PC, users can access a Windows, UNIX or Linux desktop environment which run in a VM in the datacenter. Having a single s/w license that includes both Sun Ray and SGD is new with xVM VDI 1.0.

At a recent VMware event, Sun showcased VDI connector technology. That technology, now in beta, will be integrated into a future release of xVM VDI. This 1 hour Sun/VMware webcast discusses how the Sun xVM VDI Software is used to display desktop environments running in virtual machines'

  • Communications between client desktops and the servers are secure
  • Protocols designed for WAN use deliver high performance
  • Support of Windows, UNIX and Linux desktops provides flexibility
  • Subset of full Secure Global Desktop allows Sun to offer a competitive price
SGD clients can also be used to access AS/400 and OS/390 systems via the TN3270E or TM5250E protocols.

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