Monday, October 1, 2007

Sun's Systems Group

Jonathan Schwartz announced in his blog that Sun's Server and Storage groups will be merged into a single Systems Group. He cites the success of merging the x64 and SPARC groups.
eWeek reports that John Fowler, EVP of the previous system group, will lead the new group.

John Webster, principal IT advisor at Illuminata, suggests that Sun is trying to leverage it's Solaris IP. Jonathan make that clear:
We're heading to a general purpose world - in which open and general purpose platforms will be the dominant drivers of growth, for us and the market broadly. The first general purpose storage system from Sun was Thumper (our x4500) - powered by an open source operating system (Solaris), and file system (ZFS - soon to be parallelized by Lustre, a recent acquisition from Cluster File Systems). Thumper rocketed to a $100,000,000 annual runrate within its first two full quarters of shipment (on a $13 billion dollar revenue base)

In the spirit of Green and Eco-friendly technology, Jonathan also raised the bar by recycling a classic Sun slogan:
Now's a great time to put all the wood behind one arrowhead.
And more seriously
Tape, with effective indexing and retrieval, represents the most economically responsible (that is, eco-responsible) archive platform for long term storage. Broadly speaking, tape (and in the future, other forms of removeable media) are a core part of Sun's archive plans.
An audio cast of the briefing where John Fowler makes the announcement about this organization change is on-line.

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