Friday, November 2, 2007

OpenSolaris Developer's Preview (Project Indiana)

Sun and the OpenSolaris community have made a public preview of 'Project Indiana' available for download. The preview is a CD image and the software is for X86 and X64 platforms. Dennis Clarke of has a blog entry with the official announcement and lots of nice screen shots of starting and running the OpenSolaris Developer Preview.

Here's an extract from the announcement:
The first milestone of Project Indiana is now available - called OpenSolaris Developer Preview.

It's available for download at

This is an x86-based LiveCD install image, containing some new and emerging OpenSolaris technologies. This may result in instabilities that lead to system panics or data corruption. Among the features contained in this release are
  • Single CD download, with LiveCD 'try before you install' capabilities
  • Caiman installer, with significantly improved installation experience
  • ZFS as the default filesystem
  • Image packaging system, with capabilities to pull packages from network repositories
  • GNU utilities in the default $PATH
  • bash as the default shell
  • GNOME 2.20 desktop environment
For more details about the system requirements along with some basic user documentation, see - and the release notes

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