Sunday, November 25, 2007

Presentations from Sun HPC Consortium 2007

A number of presentations (in PDF format) that were delivered at the 2007 Sun HPC Consortium 2007 are now online.

What is the Sun HPC Consortium?
The Sun High Performance Computing Consortium (SHPCC) is an independent, volunteer-organized, international group of member organizations that own or use Sun computer systems with emphasis on high-performance, technical computing, and visualization.

SHPCC's mission is to provide the high performance computing community with leadership and provide a forum for information exchange to enable the development and effective use of Sun computational tools in achieving the business and research objectives of member organizations.

Compute-Power for C2A2S2E: Challenges of an innovative Concept for Aerospace Research
  • Dr. Alfred Geiger, Head of Solutions & Innovations Scientific & Technical ICT, T-Systems Solutions for Research GmbH
ARSC's New x86_64 Supercomputer
  • Greg Newby, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center University of Alaska Fairbanks
Lustre – CFS Update
  • Peter Braam, CEO, Cluster File System
Highly Scalable and Dynamic Grids
  • Fritz Ferstl, Director Grid Engine Software, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
First Vendor Forum
1. Totalview Technologies
Debugging Code Written for Multi-Core Chip Architectures
Chris Gottbrath, Product Manager at Totalview Technologies
2. Acumem
Spotting the Multicore Bottlenecks
Erik Hagersten, CEO, Acumem
3. Clearspeed
John Gustafson, Clearspeed
4. NVIDIA Tesla & CUDA:
GPU Compute Solutions for High Performance Computing
Patrick LeGresley, Sr. Applied Engineer, NVIDIA

Performance Results for the UltraSPARC T2 Processor on HPC Workloads
  • Partha Tirumalai, Distinguished Engineer/HPC Ace, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    Ruud van der Pas, Senior Staff Engineer/Technical Systems ambassador/HPC Ace, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
UltraSPARC T2 for HPC
  • Dieter an Mey, HPC Team Lead, RWTH Aachen University, Center for Computing and Communication
ICM Poland: New perspectives and prospects along with Sun C48
  • Marek Niezgodka/Wojtek Sylwestrzak, Director, ICM
A Secure Attribute-Based Infrastructure for Distributed Computational Environments
  • Arnie Miles, Senior Systems Architect, Advanced Research Computing Adjunct, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Georgetown University
Solaris for HPC Initiatives
  • Matthew Baier, Solaris Product Line Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun HPC Community Portal Project
  • Barton Fiske, Senior Technical Marketing Specialist, HPC Systems and Visualization, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Managing Petabytes with SAM-QFS
  • Bryan Banister, Manager, Storage Systems and Production Servers, Production Systems Dept., San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California San Diego
Second Vendor Forum
1. Allinea Software
Debugging and Optimizing at Scale
Michael Rudgyard, CEO, Allinea Software
2. The Performance Implications of MPI in Quad Core HPC
Dan Caldwell, Vice President, Channels, Scali
3. Voltaire
Powering Wall Street - Market Data Application Acceleration over Solaris
Aviv Cohen, Product Management Group Leader,Voltaire
4. Mellanox
InfiniBand Products and Roadmap
Gilad Shainer, Senior Technical Marketing Manager

ROCKS and ROCKS on Solaris
  • Phil Papadopoulos, Program Director, Grid and Cluster Computing Acting Group Leader, Grid Development and Deployment University California San Diego
  • Rohit Valia, Group Product Manager,
Visualization Software and Solutions, GPGPU Computing Solutions
  • Linda Fellingham , Advanced Visualization Group, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Ranger: Path to Petascale
  • Jay Boisseau, Director, Texas Advanced Computing Center
HPC Product Overview
  • Dr.David Scott, Intel
What's New in the Sun Studio Performance Tools
  • Marty Itzkowitz, Project Lead for the Performance Analyzer, Sun Microsystems Inc.
Multicore Performance Analysis Tools from Academia
  • Karl Fuerlinger, Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee, EECS Department, USA
Main Features of the upcoming OpenMP 3.0 Specification
  • Nawal Copty, Project Lead for OpenMP, Sun Microsystems Inc.
Wrap up
  • Marc Hamilton & Bjorn Andersson, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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