Friday, November 9, 2007

ZFS as the Root and Boot File System

Lori Alt from Sun has been working for the last 12-18 months to make ZFS suitable to be the root file systeem. She presented a 37 minute talk based on that work, "ZFS as a Root File System", at the SNIA Storage Developers' Conference.

Issues for a root file system include

  • boot capability
  • robustness (e.g. mirroring)
  • installation support
  • swap and dump support
  • management (upgrades, patching, snaphots etc.)
Why ZFS for Root?
  • pooled storage rather than fixed disk slices
  • built-in redundancy
  • great data integrity - no fsck!
  • snapshots and clones
  • zvols can be used for in-pool swap and dump
There is a project page for ZFS Boot on the site.

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