Sunday, December 16, 2007

Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 on Sun x64 Servers

Sun is now a serious vendor of x64 hardware. As a major element of its strategy, Sun supports Microsoft Windows in addition to Solaris and Linux. A new blueprint, "Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 on Sun x64 Servers", demonstrates that Sun is serious about this strategy. The blueprint show how to install Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (get evaluation copy here) on these Sun servers:
  • Sun Fire X4100 and X4200 Servers
  • Sun Fire X4100 M2 and X4200 M2 Servers
  • Sun Fire X4500 Server
  • Sun Fire X4600 Server
  • Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server
  • Sun Blade X6220 Server Module
The blueprint summary:
Microsoft's next generation Windows Server operating system — Microsoft Windows Server 2008 – is scheduled for release in early 2008. Many organizations are currently running tests on pre-release versions of the software. This blueprint details the workarounds needed to install pre-release versions of Windows Server 2008 on Sun Fire and Sun Blade servers, including step-by-step details on where to get additional required software from Sun. This article is provided to assist in the evaluation of the pre-release version. Note that pre-release versions of software should not be deployed in production environments.
"This is a big deal for us," Schwartz declares, "and extends Sun's reach beyond Linux and Solaris into the Windows domain. Secondly, we'll reciprocate - and support Solaris via Windows virtualization."

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