Sunday, December 30, 2007

Solaris Application Programming by Darryl Gove

Darryl Gove, a senior engineer in Sun's Compiler Performance Engineering group, has written a new book called. "Solaris Application Programming".

The publisher describes the book as ...

... a comprehensive guide to optimizing the performance of applications running in your Solaris environment. From the fundamentals of system performance to using analysis and optimization tools to their fullest, this wide-ranging resource shows developers and software architects how to get the most from Solaris systems and applications.

Whether you’re new to performance analysis and optimization or an experienced developer searching for the most efficient ways to solve performance issues, this practical guide gives you the background information, tips, and techniques for developing, optimizing, and debugging applications on Solaris.

Table of contents for this 496 page book:
  • Part I: Overview of the Processor 1
    • Chapter 1: The Generic Processor
    • Chapter 2: The SPARC Family
    • Chapter 3: The x64 Family of Processors
  • Part II: Developer Tools
    • Chapter 4: Informational Tools
    • Chapter 5: Using the Compiler
    • Chapter 6: Floating-Point Optimization
    • Chapter 7: Libraries and Linking
    • Chapter 8: Performance Profiling Tools
    • Chapter 9: Correctness and Debug
  • Part III: Optimization
    • Chapter 10: Performance Counter Metrics
    • Chapter 11: Source Code Optimizations
  • Part IV: Threading and Throughput
    • Chapter 12: Multicore, Multiprocess, Multithread
  • Part V: Concluding Remarks
    • Chapter 13: Performance Analysis

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