Saturday, December 8, 2007

xVM white paper (blueprint) and presentation slides

Chien-Hua Yen has produced a 120-page Sun BluePrint called "Solaris Operating System Hardware Virtualization Product Architecture". Is now available as a PDF document. The abstract says that the paper ...
... provides a comprehensive examination of hardware virtualization, particularly as it applies to Sun platforms. It explores the underlying hardware architecture and software implementation. Great emphasis has been placed on the CPU hardware architecture limitations for virtualizing CPU services and their software workarounds, with details on the software architecture for implementing three types of virtualization: CPU virtualization, Memory virtualization, and I/O virtualization. It examines three important implementations in detail: Sun xVM Server, Logical Domains, and VMware's relevant products, culminating in a comprehensive comparison of these important solution.

Marc Hamilton's blog provides links to an vXM presentation by Steve Wilson. The presentation, "Building a Dynamic Virtualized Datacenter", is available in PDF and OpenOffice formats.

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