Saturday, January 12, 2008

Configuring the Sun Fire x4500 with Symantec Enterprise Vault

Symantec describes Enterprise Vault as
... software-based intelligent archiving platform that stores, manages, and enables discovery of corporate data from email systems, filer server environments, instant messaging platforms, and content management and collaboration systems. Enterprise Vault uses intelligent classification engines to manage data, improving a company's ability to retain and protect corporate information while reducing storage costs and simplifying management.
Enterprise Vault is a Microsoft Windows application which can run on Sun's AMD or Intel based servers such as the SunFire x4100.

The price and size of the x4500 makes it very attractive as an archive solution. A 4 RU, 48 Tb x4500 costs about $62k (48 x 1Tb disks); $35k for 24 Tb (48 x 500Gb disks).

Sun has published a white paper, "Configuring the Sun Fire X4500 Server as Network Attached Archival Storage for Symantec Enterprise Vault", by Tim Thomas, (Jan 2008). This paper explains how to configure the x4500 to work with Enterprise Vault and implement
  • Tiered Storage
  • Transparent Backup of Archived Data
  • Continuous Backup and Quick Restore
Tim's white paper shows that a solution with the x4500 can archive 90,000+ items/hour.

Table of Contents for White Paper

  • Introduction
  • Solution Description
    • Symantec Enterprise Vault
    • Topology of an Enterprise Vault Site
    • Storage Archive Manager and Enterprise Vault
  • Features and Best Practices
    • WORM Storage
    • SAMBA Support
    • SAM Archiving Policies
  • Testing the Sun Fire X4500 Server as Network Attached Archival Storage for the Enterprise Vault/SAM Solution
    • Hardware and Software
    • Performance Tests
    • Test Results
  • Configuring the Solution
    • Configuring the Sun Fire X4500 Server
    • Configuring Storage Archive Manager
    • Configuring Enterprise Vault
  • Managing the Solution
    • Sun Fire X4500 Server
    • SAM
    • SAMBA
  • Scaling the Solution
  • Appendix: The x4500samconfig Script
    • Test Mode
    • Resetting a Configured Sun Fire X4500 Server
  • For More Information

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