Sunday, February 10, 2008

Linuxworld Picks Top Leaders in Open Source Business

IDC is forecasting that the Open Source business, "reached $1.8 billion in 2006 and will grow to reach $5.8 Billion by 2011". LinuxWorld has published an article,"2008's Top Leaders in Open Source Business", in which they list the open source business leaders who they think will matter the most in 2008:
  • Marten Mickos - CEO, MySQL AB
  • Andy Astor - CEO, EnterpriseDB
  • John Roberts - CEO, SugarCRM
  • Larry Augustin - Private Investor
  • Jonathan Schwartz - CEO, Sun Microsystems
  • Matt Asay - VP of Business Development, Alfresco
  • James Governor, Stephen O'Grady, Michael Coté
  • Raven Zachary - Research Director, The 451 Group
  • William “whurley” Hurley - Chief Architect of Open Source Strategy, BMC
  • Anthony Gold - VP and GM, Open Source Business, Unisys
  • Michael Tiemman - President, Open Source Initiative
Over the last few years, there have been a number of large Open Source deals:
  1. Sun buys MySQL, $1 billion, 2008
    MySQL - the world’s most widely used open source database.
  2. Red Hat buys Cygnus Solutions, $675 million, 1999
    Cygnus Solutions was a provider of open source software support
  3. Citrix buys XenSource, $500 million, 2007
    XenSource, is the company behind the Xen virtualization software.
  4. Yahoo buys Zimbra, $350 million, 2007
    Yahoo already have their own email services, and with Zimbra they got an integrated email, messaging and collaboration software.
  5. Red Hat buys JBoss, $350 million, 2006
    Red Hat strengthened their SOA offerings by buying the JBoss Java application server.
  6. Novell buys SUSE, $210 million, 2003
    Novell got their own Linux distribution by buying SUSE.
  7. Nokia buys Trolltech, $153 million, 2008
    Trolltech is the company behind the Qt GUI framework which is used by the popular Linux desktop environment KDE.

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