Thursday, April 21, 2016

System News for IT Professionals, posted on April 18th (Vol 218 Issue 2)

Here are the titles for the most popular articles from the current issue:

  • Intel Claims Storage Supremacy with 3D XPoint Optane Drives, 1PB 3D NAND
  • Artificial Intelligence's Next Phase: Sooner and More Accessible for Everyone
  • Encryption Backdoors: The Brief History Of An Oxymoron
  • Why the Smart Office is Highly Susceptible to Data Breaches
  • The Cost of Not Building with Security in Mind 
  • Many US Enterprises Manage More Than 20 Different Types of Storage
  • 61% of Enterprise IT and Database Professionals Cite Poor Backup and Recovery Solutions Available Today
  • Almost All Of IT Budgets Will Soon Be Dedicated To Cloud, Intel Study Finds
  • Ubuntu Linux Continues To Dominate OpenStack And Other Clouds
  • How To Make Your WAN Architecture Software-Defined 
  • Docker 1.11 ties its fate to Open Container Initiative
  • Dissecting The Myth That Open Source Software Is Not Commercial
  • Lack Of Career Progression Pushes IT Workers To Shop Around For Jobs
  • 10 Best Smartphones Of 2016 So Far
  • 18TB Hard Drives Will Be Entering The Market Soon 
  • The Seven Types Of E-Commerce Fraud Explained
  • Dig into IoT with 41 OpenIoT Summit presentations
  • 70% businesses say speed of tech outpaces training
  • Cloud Adoption Could Save Feds $10 Billion Annually
  • 2016 Is Still The Year Of Java 7 (Not For Long Though) 
  • Using Threat Hunting Technique To Fend Off Cyber Attacks
  • Where DLP Technology Is Headed, And Should You Follow?
  • Bitcoin Core 0.12.1 Released, Major Step Forward for Scalability
  • Overlooked for Promotion? These Non-Assertive Behaviors Might Be the Cause.
  • How IT teams navigate unlimited vacation policies 
  • 10 Things Cyber Insurance Won't Cover
  • Let's Not Make Secure Encryption Illegal
  • Business Intelligence Report Mentions Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Computers You Can Hold In The Palm Of Your Hand (Slideshow)
  • You Keep Using that Word - NVMe. Does It Mean What I Think It Means?

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