Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3 1/2 Minute Video: Solaris 10 8/07

There is a good but brief video of Rich Green describing Solaris 10 (aka Update 4) on Sun's web site. There are many new features whose benefits Rich draws attention to.

Here is a list of what's New in the Solaris 10 8/07 Release:

System Administration Features
  • Name Service Switch Enhancements
  • iostat Improvements
  • ZFS Command Improvements and Changes
  • Solaris System Registration
  • Sun Service Tag
  • PxIO Path Steering
  • raidctl
  • Brand-Specific Handlers for zoneadm Commands
  • x86: Fault Management For Next Generation AMD Opteron Processors
  • x86: Predictive Self-Healing for PCI Express on x64 Systems
  • x86: stmsboot Porting
  • x86: Concurrent FPDMA READ/WRITE QUEUED Under SATA Module
  • x86: Tagged Queuing Installation Enhancements
Installation Enhancements
  • NFSv4 Domain Name Configurable During Installation
  • Solaris Live Upgrade
  • Upgrading the Solaris OS When Non-Global Zones Are Installed
  • Keyboard Configuration Automated
  • Deferred-Activation Patching
Networking Enhancements
  • IPsec Tunnel Reform
  • Packet Filter Hooks
  • SMF Enhancements to Routing Management
  • Quagga Software Routing Suite
  • DHCPv6 Client
  • Single Hosts File
  • Large Send Offload
  • x86: nge Driver Updated to Support Jumbo Framework
  • NFSv4 Domain Name Configurable During Installation
Security Enhancements
  • Solaris Key Management Framework
  • libmd Message Digest library
  • Solaris Cryptographic Framework
File System Enhancements
  • Support for iSCSI Target Devices
  • Extended FILE Space for 32-bit Solaris Processes
System Resources Enhancements
  • lx Branded Zones: Solaris Containers for Linux Applications
  • Improved zonecfg Procedures for Creating Containers
  • IP Instances: LAN and VLAN Separation for Non-Global Zones
  • Solaris Zones Boot Enhancements
  • System V Resource Controls for Zones
  • Zone Unique Identifier
  • Ability to Mark Zones as "Incomplete"
  • Using DTrace in a Non-Global Zone
Desktop Tools
  • Thunderbird 2.0
  • Firefox 2.0 Web Browser
  • Gaim OTR plugin
  • x86: XVideo Support RealPlayer
X11 Windowing Features
  • dtlogin Language Selection Overhaul
  • X Server DTrace Provider
  • Xorg X11R7.2 Server and Drivers
Language Support Enhancements
  • Migration of Existing EMEA, Central and South American Locales to Common Locale Data Repository
  • Japanese Font Update
  • More Japanese iconv Modules for Unicode
  • Input Method Switcher Enhancement and EMEA Keyboard Layout Emulation Support
  • x86: Zero-CountryCode Keyboard Layout Support
Developer Tool Enhancements
  • SunVTS 6.4
New Drivers
  • Reliable Datagram Sockets
  • USCSI LUN Reset Support
  • SATA HBA Framework and Marvell Driver
  • Compact Flash Support
  • CardBus Support
  • IBM LTO-4 Tape Drive Support
  • HP LTO-4 Tape Drive Support
  • NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Drivers
  • SPARC: ntwdt Driver for UltraSPARC-T1 (Niagara) Systems
  • x86: ACPI Thermal Zone Monitor
  • x86: Adaptec aac Hardware Support
  • x86: Solaris Audio Driver for ATI IXP400
  • x86: High-Definition Audio Driver
  • x86: SATA AHCI HBA Driver
System Performance Enhancements
  • SPARC: UltraSPARC-T1 (Niagara) II PCI Express Interface Unit Performance Counter Data
  • Multi-level CMT Scheduling Optimizations
  • Process Count Scalability
  • MPSS Extended to Shared Memory
Device Management Features
  • Enhanced st SCSI Reservations
  • CPU Power Management
Console Subsystem Features
  • Coherent Console

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