Sunday, September 23, 2007

Comparison of Sun Fire E25k and the Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000

A detailed blog posting by "Mr Benchmark" from the Sun Solution Center has a detailed comparison of Sun Fire E25k and the Sub SPARC Enterprise M9000.
Four benchmarks are used to compare the performance of these two large servers:
  1. iGenCPU v3 - Fractal simulation 50% Integer / 50% floating point
  2. iGenRAM v3 - Lotto simulation (Memory allocation and search)
  3. iGenBATCH v2 - (Oracle 10g batch using partionning, triggers, stored procedures and sequences)
  4. iGenOLTP v4 - (Heavy-weight OLTP)
Key Feature Comparisons:

Max processors7264
Max cores144128
Max HW threads144256
Max memory1152 GB2048 GB
Memory bandwidth 173 GB/s737 GB/s
I/O bandwidth36 GB/s244 GB/s
Max internal disks064
Max domains1824
OS supportSolaris 9 or 10Solaris 10 U4
MediaNoneDVD, DAT
Power type1 phase1 or 3 phase
Max Power30.6 kW42.6 kW

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