Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sun StorageTek 6540 Best-in-Class SPC-1 Performance and $/Performance

Sun reported that it outperformed IBM by over 2X in Price/Performance in SPC-1 benchmark:

System SPC-1 IOPS $/SPC-1 IOPS ASU Capacity (GB) TSC Price Data Protect Level Date Result Id
Sun ST6540 46,491.72 $6.62 6890.000 $307,710 Mirroring 6/15/07 A00051
IBM DS4800 45,014.81 $16.03 6871.277 $721,618 Mirroring 4/12/07 A00050

The Storage Performance Council (SPC) a vendor-neutral, non-profit, standards body focused on the storage industry. It has created the first industry-standard performance benchmark targeted at the needs and concerns of the storage industry.

The full report shows:

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