Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Podcast: Kichler Lighting, a Sun virtualization customer

Virtual Strategy Magazine has just posted a nice, short interview with a Sun customer who is using Solaris containers.

Podcast Summary:
Length: 12:55
  • Introduction
  • Mike Sink, Kichler Lighting, a Sun virtualization customer (:10)
  • Description of Kichler Lighting and the role IT plays there (:22)
  • Why Kichler chose to utilize virtualization (1:05)
  • What it was like to add the Solaris platform to their existing IT environment (2:00)
  • How including Sun virtualization changed their day to day work (3:45)
  • What Kichler runs in their IT environment (5:40)
  • How virtualization has helped eliminate downtime (7:50)
  • New challenges they face in a virtualized environment (9:57)
  • More information about Sun virtualization (12:00)

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