Thursday, September 20, 2007

Solaris 8 Retirement - Phase 1

The last ship date (LSD) for Solaris 8 was 02/16/07. Sun's "Life Cycle Model for the Solaris Operating System" (above) shows that Retirement Phase 1 begins after the LSD. Retirement Phase 2 for Solaris 8 will begin on 3/31/09. End of Service Life (EOSL) will be 3/31/12
  • During Retirement Phase 1 - 03/31/07 to 03/30/09 - Sun will provide contract customers full remedial support excepting requests for enhancements and cosmetic bugs. Patches will be created as needed and distributed through the SunSolve program. There is no material reduction in the level of support during this phase. However, patches will not be rolled up into quarterly updates.

  • In Retirement Phase 2 - 3/31/09 to 3/31/12 - contract customers will continue to receive telephone support and will continue to have access to existing patches on the SunSolve site. No patches will be issued for new bugs.
The total service life of Solaris 8 will be slightly more than 12 years.

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