Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Solaris Performance ToolsCD 3.0 available online

Stefan Schneider has made the Solaris Performance ToolsCD 3.0 available online.

The CD covers within 300 MB:

  • dimSTAT v8.1 - collect and analyze performance data

  • Dtrace Tools - Brendan Gregg's collection of Dtrace scripts

  • K9Toolkit - freeware tools written using the KStat library on a Solaris 9

  • sysperfstat - displays utilization and saturation for CPU, memory, disk and network, all on one line.

  • cpuinfo - displays CPU configuration (number, type, clock and strands)

  • meminfo - displays configuration of physical memory and swap devices or files

  • iobar - displays io for disk-devices in a |cpubar|-like fashion

  • iotop - displays |iostat -x| in a |top|-like fashion

  • checkcable - prints the link up status for network interfaces

  • nicstat - prints statistics for the network interfaces such as KBytes/s read and write, Packets/s etc.

Stefan gives credit to Horst Leitner, the chief editor of this CD, and asks that feedback go to Horst.

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