Saturday, October 20, 2007

10 Things IBM Likes About Solaris 10

From IBM's Web, here are Ten Things to know about Solaris 10:
    1. Great Product
      $500M and 3000 engineering years of R&D investment have resulted in the most advanced operating system on the planet.
    2. Great Price
      Use Solaris 10 commercially, in production, for FREE.
    3. Open Source
      Sun released the Solaris OS - millions of lines of code - to the open source community via
    4. Application Compatibility Guarantee
      Guaranteed binary compatibility from release to release of Solaris and source compatibility between SPARC and x64/x86 processors
    5. One Solaris
      Same code base on x64, x86 and SPARC-based systems.
    6. Most secure OS on the planet
      80% of Trusted Solaris features now in Solaris 10, including Process Rights Management and Secure Execution
    7. DTrace
      Designed to be used on live production systems; Offers application performance improvements of up to 50X in matter of hours
    8. Solaris Containers
      Complete application fault and security isolation with workload management and virtualization
    9. Predictive Self-Healing
      Predicts system errors and takes failing components offline before they cause problems
    10. Runs open source applications
      188 of the leading open source packages are included, pre-compiled and ready to go (1,500 t0 2,000 more can be downloaded from )

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