Friday, November 16, 2007

Open xVM Website

Sun has launched a new community site for xVM at

The into to the site says:

xVM is the intersection of virtualization and management. OpenxVM is a community hub for a number of related open source projects that together create the next generation of data center infrastructure.

By combining virtualization software and data center automation tools, OpenxVM technology provides the technologies to operate data centers at radically reduced costs

There are links to mailing lists, projects, and a blogroll of people who have been writing about xVM.

Steve Wilson writes:
The xVM project at OpenSolaris is developing an industrial-grade, x64 hypervisor using a combination of code developed by the OpenSolaris and Xen communities. The Logical Domains project is building an advanced hypervisor that takes advantage of functionality unique to the newest SPARC microprocessors. Both of these communities are currently active and interested developers and administrators can get access to binaries and source code to try today.

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