Friday, November 16, 2007

Sun Datacenter Switch 3456

Sun has introduced the world's largest InfiniBand core switch, the Sun Datacenter Switch 3456. The total data throughput for the switch is 110,100 Gbps with a port-to-port latency of 700 nanosecond.

This switch supports up to 24 line cards, each with 48 12X iPass connectors. A single cable can connect one 12x iPass port to three 4x Single Data Rate or Double Data Rate (SDR/DDR) Infiniband connectors through a 12x-to-4x splitter cable.

24 cards per switch
* 48 iPass connectors per card
* 3 IB ports per iPass
= 3,456 connections

The Sun Datacenter Switch 3456 can be used to connect lots of Sun Blade servers together with the new Sun Blade 6000/6048 infiniband switched network express module. Twelve blade servers in a 6048 are each provided with two 4x IB through the Switched NEM (24 IB ports in total). Only eight 12x IB connections/cables to the 3456 switch are needed to provide 24 4x IB ports to 12 blades.

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