Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sun Analyst Summit 2008

Every year Sun puts on a major event for financial analysts. By carefully explaining Sun's strategy, technology, products and it's view of the market, Sun hopes that the analysts will understand why Sun is relevant and they should recommend that their clients invest in Sun.

Sun puts a huge effort into this event and to their credit they realized a few years ago that they should share this conference via the web. Here is the agenda:
Welcome: Overview and Objectives (5 minutes)
Anil Gadre, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer

Growing at the Center of the Network Economy (50 minutes)
Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and President

Sun's Financial Outlook, FY08 (50 minutes)
Mike Lehman, Chief Financial Officer

Executing on Growth (60 minutes)
Don Grantham, EVP, Global Sales & Services

Q&A for Financial Analysts (95 minutes)
Jonathan Schwartz, Michael Lehman

Building Network-Scale Computing (60 minutes)
Greg Papadopoulos, CTO, EVP of R&D

Sessions: Systems, Virtualization, Eco Innovation
Sessions: Software, Constellation System, Eco Innovation
Sessions: Storage, Virtualization, Solaris

PDF Slides are available for the general sessions and the breakout sessions.

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