Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sun xVM Server and Ops Center Q&A with Steve Wilson has posted an interview with Steve Wilson, "Sun xVM Server and Ops Center Q&A with Steve Wilson".

Some of the key points that Steve makes in the interview are:
  • Sun is a player in the virtualization space
  • Sun xVM Server includes a number of datacenter-grade features borrowed from Solaris that give xVM Server a set of highly unique attributes such as predictive self healing
  • xVM Server will be able to run VM files which were created for VMware's ESX Server or Microsoft's Hyper-V without modification
  • xVM Ops Center is designed to manage up to thousands of servers (physical and virtual)
  • xVM Ops Center will be available freely under the very liberal GNU Public License (GPL) version 3
  • Sun is planning to provide the ability to use Solaris Cluster together with xVM Server for applications where true clustering is required
  • Ops Center 1.0 includes support for patching of Solaris (x86 and SPARC) as well as several versions of Redhat and SuSE Linux. Windows patching support will be added in a future revision
  • xVM Server includes a simple to use, self-patching system that can automatically download and install the newest patches
  • xVM Ops Center will ship in the next few weeks, ahead of the first commercial release of xVM Server
  • xVM Ops Center 1.0 is focused on datacenter automation and includes features such as:
  • Server discovery and inventory management
  • Server firmware analysis and provisioning
  • Bare metal Server provisioning
  • Patch management
  • Monitoring
  • xVM Server, and an update to xVM Ops Center to go with it, are planned for Q2 of calendar year 2008. Specific features to manage virtualized environments, include:
  • Full virtual guest life cycle management
  • Management of the domain 0 instance
  • Monitoring, management and provisioning of Windows, Linux and Solaris guests
  • Migration capabilities (Live, Regular and Cold)
  • Simple single host management through direct browser access, as well as large scale multi-node management via xVM Ops Center
  • Expansive resource monitoring and analysis
  • Guest image storage library management
  • Virtual and resource pooling
  • Network virtualization and bandwidth management
  • Both xVM Server and xVM Ops Center will expose API sets through WS-Management. Sun will be putting specs out for this over at shortly
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