Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ashlee Vance on New Sun Servers with Intel CPUs

Ashlee Vance who writes for "The Register" (aka "El Reg") from Silicon Valley, does a fine job. I always find his articles worth reading.
While watching the webcast of the recent Sun Launch of the new quad-core Intel Xeon based servers, it was good to see Ashlee jump up with the first question in the Q&A section. (John Fowler did a good job of answering that question.)

Ashlee's most recent article on the new Sun servers with Intel CPUs, "It's time to pay attention to Sun's x86 server biz", has the usual insightful quotes such as,
Without question, Sun now has the most attractive 2U server for those customers not afraid to spend a great deal on a server. That’s not to say Sun’s gear is that much more expensive than rivals. Instead, we’re talking about a 2U unit that can hold four of Intel’s highest-end, four-core chips and 32 sticks of FB-DIMMs. The tray of memory alone would prove a more than daunting expense for the average customer.
For Sun, the X4450 could be a bigger deal in that gives burly x86 customers a reason to check out what Sun has to offer across the board. For a company still just ramping up its x86 business, that’s a pretty big deal

Ashley's book, "Geek Silicon Valley: The Inside Guide to Palo Alto, Stanford, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, San Francisco", can be found on Amazon here.
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