Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update on Etude: The Solaris 8 Migration Assistant

Last week, the article, Etude: The Solaris 8 Migration Assistant, described how a project in development will allow legacy Solaris 8 application to run unmodified in a Solaris 8 branded zone under Solaris 10.

Dan Price, the project lead, just posted an update that describes the progress of the project and some details of what will be required to run
a Solaris 8 container. Dan says, "I've done a dry run on a T1000, which looks like this:
  • Install S10 8/07 onto the system (or into an LDOM (logical domain) on the system)
  • Bring system to single user mode
  • Add kernel patch using patchadd
  • Reboot system (or LDOM)
  • Add SUNWs8brandr and SUNWs8brandu packages to the system
  • Configure a Solaris 8 container and install it from an existing system archive
    • This will auto-apply any required Solaris 8 patches to the system
  • Boot S8 zone, and enjoy!
It's nice to see the pieces coming together...".
I agree.

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